About Karasiyah

The company was founded by the sisters Ciydem Akin and Ruveyde Kalkan. After finishing their education, they first started working as textile teachers in their 20s. After quite some time they worked individually for different fashion brands and companies. From this they learned that they were better off being independent and having their company.

In 2011 Karasiyah was founded. The two sister worked day and night to make the company excell. Their clientele gradually build up through the years. Together as a strong duo, they have made their own emperium. Ruveyde being the creative stylist manager and Ciydem being the stubborn product manager, they learned to elevate eachother and make this company relevant in the fashion industry.

Ciydem Akin


Ciydem Akin graduated from de Hogeschool van Amsterdam together with her sister. After finishing her degree she worked at several schools as a textile teacher, thus learning the art of communication and client friendliness. After her teaching career, she began a more ambitious path. Now she is a very talkative and fun boss for her employees and intern.

Ruveyde Kalkan


Ruveyde Kalkan graduated together with her big sister. She and C. Akin have been a dynamic duo since they where younger and have done everything together. Currently she is an expert stylist and is also very experienced with the special softwares, programs and coding used for the development of clothing.